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Candle Care Kits

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Our Candle Care Kits are essential for looking after your candles properly.

Our kits come with three important and functional tools:

Candle Trimmer:

Includes a bevelled inside edge which allows for a clean cut every time.

To ensure that your Descarado candle performs the way that it should, you must trim your wick before every burn. This is to prevent potential dangerous flames.

We recommend trimming the wick once the candle is cooled, trim the wick to 5-6mm.

Candle Snuffer:

Used for safely extinguishing your Descarado candles. Removing the risk of blowing or spilling any hot wax on yourself or your furniture.

Candle Dipper:

The perfect multi-purpose tool for you, as the candle owner. It can be used to clean the edge of the jar, to stand the wick straight and to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.

With every candle purchase you receive a card of our candle care tips; we highly recommend you follow these for your safety.

These items come boxed

 *Candle is not included*